Monday, 11 March 2013

PowerShell - Find SCCM agents that are in an 'unknown' state in DCM reporting.

Last week I was able to resolve an ongoing and extremely annoying aspect to SCCM and DCM. When reviewing the evaluation results of a DCM baseline in either the classic or SRS reports you will sometimes find that the machines in compliant and non-compliant state do NOT add up to the total machines targeted for a rule. The annoying part is there is no easy way to determine which machines have not returned and state information, we even engaged Microsoft PSS for a long running support case to attempt to write a custom report to enable us to identify these machines. Using a module I wrote recently I was able to remotely check all assigned DCM baselines against all our site servers and was able to determine which one was having issues evaluating the rules and not returning a state value. As you can see below the server has received policy to assign the additional baselines but is having issues completeing the rule evaluation.

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