Thursday, 2 August 2012

PowerShell - Get SCCM related windows services.

Below is a quick single Powershell line I have created to display windows services that relate to the operations of SCCM. This command allows for a very quick remote view of the service running state of an SCCM site server.

Get-Service -computername $ServerName -include *SMS_*,ccmexec,w3svc,wdsserver,wsusservice,SQLServeragent

I have actually added the command line as a function into a .psm1 module file on our management server and  then published the Powershell console through RDS so others can benefit from this tool among others I have created. I would highly recommend others consider adding any Powershell 'tools' they create into a module on a terminal server and then publish the shell for others to use. I have found this to be a particularly useful approach in a large organisation.

File Path:

Function Get-SCCMServices {
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, HelpMessage="SCCM Site Server",ValueFromPipeline=$true)] $ServerName
            Get-Service -computername $ServerName -include *SMS_*,ccmexec,w3svc,wdsserver,wsusservice,SQLServeragent


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