Thursday, 2 August 2012

How to troubleshoot a stalled Branch Distribution Point.

I have found the following monitoring and recovery steps very useful when troubleshooting SCCM branch distribution points that are downloading newly assigned packages.

Monitoring Steps:
1\ On the BDP workstation or server:
       Monitor BITs client traffic - 'bitsadmin.exe /monitor /allusers /refresh 1'
2\ On Parent site server:
      Open native IIS logs with trace32.exe and filter for the IP address of the BDP to view BDP only traffic.

Recovery Steps on the BDP:
1\ Stop the SMS Agent Host Service
2\ Take ownership of the 'BDPTmpWrkFldr and delete.
3\ Delete the BDP temporary working folder 'BDPTmpWrkFldr'.
4\ Start the SMS Agent Host Service
5\ Trigger the 'Branch Distribution Point Maintenance Task' agent action.

Fig1. The tempoary working folder for the BDP.

Fig2. The SCCM agent action related to the branch distribution point.

Fig3. Monitoring BITs traffic on the server hosting the BDP role.

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